Nature Publishing

Function: Art Direction, Illustration, Web Design & Web Development

I work with the editors at NATURE PUBLISHING to create an ongoing series of interactive timelines that are sponsored by major biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Each interactive highlight milestones in different areas of research and serve to work as a companion to a downloadable printed product. Past interactive timelines include: Milestones in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis from the approval of the first disease modifying therapy to the latest breakthroughs in the field sponsored by Biogen and Roche. And, Milestones in Human Microbiota Research that provides a historical perspective of the breakthroughs in the field as well as future research directions sponsored by Yakult. Projects require creating all cover illustrations and user-interface iconography, designing wireframes for both mobile and desktop platforms, working with the Nature Accessibility team to develop a product fully accessible for people with disabilities, full web development (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) with a responsive understanding for both mobile and desktop platforms, and all cross-browser testing.